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Zakari was very weak when we visited to share the Gospel with him after creating a rapport with his Muslim family. He was willing to be prayed for but was not ready to accept Christ. For us, it was about building a relationship and showing him love because his family had neglected him.

He was always excited to see us and equally enthusiastic about bible stories. When he heard about the atoning blood of Christ, Zakari explained that in the Sisaala culture, blood sacrifice was significant before wrongs committed could be forgiven. He shared how certain cultural beliefs were not forgiven without sacrifices. This platform helped us share the Gospel with Zakari about the Blood of Jesus and why it differs from animal blood. Zakari asked us to revisit him and continue the topic, and that he wanted to hear about Jesus’s blood.

Zakari and Saani

Later, when Zakari was hospitalised, we continued visiting him and sharing bible stories.

Zukari admitted he needed his sins forgiven, and it seemed only the Blood of Jesus could save him. After explaining the Gospel to Zakari, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ as His Lord and Personal Savior. We prayed with him.

Zakari has since joined our Discovery Bible Study with Muniru (MBB).

Muniru has taken the responsibility to visit him at least twice weekly to keep him grounded with God's Word due to possible persecution.

Saani and Muniru encouraging ZaKari
Encouraging Zakari

Pray that God will establish Zakari in his faith in Christ and the redeeming power of the Blood.

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