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A Farmer's Story - Discipleship through Farming

I remember going to the farm with my father even before I knew how to walk. My clan has been farming for generations. Through farming, we learned about our ancestors, the gods, the land, and life. My father, God bless his soul, used those long walks in the meandering bushes to talk to me about life and speaking to me in proverbs and metaphors. ”My son, no matter how hot your anger is, it cannot cook potatoes”, he once said. This was a piece of advice that hot temper and anger can not solve problems. These traditions reminded me that I could also use farming in church planting and discipleship.

Now I am a teacher and a farmer. The days with my father reminded me that as a Christian teacher and farmer, discipleship is part of the culture. After our training in Accra, I made a decision that I will be more intentional about making disciples in my Church planting efforts; especially since my community is made up of 90% farmers.

Farming has brought me so much joy since I discovered discipleship through farming, I use farming as an opportunity to build relationships with the farmers, at rest time we meet to eat and also share refreshing times together, we talk about farming, family, and also Jesus Christ, since most of them have heard about Jesus Christ but hasn't met him as a person. Our conversation sometimes goes deep into the essence of life, they share their experience as Non-Christians and I also share my experience as a Christian missionary. Our relationship is growing very fast.

1. Pray that my Faith and Hope will firmly be founded in the knowledge of God’s wisdom, Love, and Patience.

2. With the slow cycle of seasons in farming especially in times like this, pray that the farmers will not lose hope, but they will know the Lord who gives Hope.

3. Pray that, as we search scriptures and spend quality time together, the Farmers will meet Christ.

4. Pray for my farm produce. This year has been very bad. It is an added way we support the ministry on the field. Pray that i get maximum yield.


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