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For 40 years now, Pioneers missionaries have been using innovative and creative means to bring the gospel to every corner of the globe. Founded in 1979 by former businessman Ted Fletcher and his wife, Peggy.

In 1986, when Dr. Solomon Aryeetey, a Ghanaian medical doctor and his wife Leticia – a lawyer - were about to fulfill their “dream” of immigrating to the USA and furthering their professional careers. However, God had other plans and He used Harold Stevens, a PIONEERS missions advocate to challenge them about the needs of the Fulani people in Mali, West Africa, and the Aryeeteys knew God was calling them to go. For seven years, they lived in the desert amongst the nomadic people, learning the language and sharing the gospel from hut-to-hut through mobile medical clinics.   

Making Disciples

Pioneers partners with local churches to make disciples and initiate church-planting movements among unreached peoples. The unreached are cultural and ethnic groups without a self-sustaining witness to the gospel in their own cultures. From business and education to healthcare, agriculture, the arts, and more, our 3,000 global members use their diverse gifts and experience to serve in needy communities. As they do, they see  God transform lives across cultures and people groups everywhere. 

Reaching the Unreached

Whether in sprawling cities or rural villages, our teams make their homes in unreached contexts and learn new languages. They use innovative and creative means to build relationships and make disciples. They introduce people to the Bible and share the gospel in culturally understandable ways.

Working Together

We work in partnership with the local church. Each missionary is commissioned by a sending church. The sacrificial gifts of friends, family, and churches provide financial support. This makes it possible for cross-cultural missionaries to work alongside local believers with a heart to see disciples making disciples, worldwide. Pioneers values integrity and accountability. For this reason, we link arms with other evangelical mission organizations and submit to godly leadership.


We Share LOVE...

Once upon a time LOVE wrapped in a manger appeared to all mankind. He was the very image of LOVE. He encouraged love for your enemies, neighbors, and all who were against you. Ultimately to show his LOVE for mankind, he died a painful and disgraceful death. His name is JESUS! We want to be arms and legs of this expression of LOVE to all mankind. Especially those with the greatest need and least opportunity of hearing the gospel. 

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