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RVR positions offer greater responsibility and training than our occasional volunteer opportunities."Occasional Volunteers" are engaged periodically and for short periods, normally for events and programs. However, RVRs serve closely with Pioneers-Ghana staff and missionaries, offering a high level of support.


There is an approximately 3-month commitment for each of these roles; typically, most of the roles would be done remotely, meaning you can engage in other jobs or obligations and still volunteer with Pioneers-Ghana. Some RVRs might be engaged to travel with short-term mission teams and with Pioneers-Ghana leadership. RVRs benefit from all training programs, attend events free of charge, and could accrue 5 nights of residential retreat time. This is the only volunteer opportunity that accrues residential retreat benefits.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, at 
+233 550102389 or

Volunteer Using Sign Language
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