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Are you ready to VENTURE into the "unknown"? Venture is a short-term mission designed to expose you to missionary experience that is very personal and engaging. Spend between one-two weeks in a village with no electricity, pipe-borne water, and access to mobile networks. You will, however, have our survival kit and supplies to keep you going - like some bottled water, food, tents, etc. In the village, your training will prepare you to lead a church and start cottage bible studies; teaching them God's word and engage with life-on-life discipleship like helping women cook, helping children to school, playing with them, teaching them English, and assisting men and women in their farms. You will do all this supported and mentored by our experienced missionary who will be with you throughout your VENTURE.

“I don’t think I’m ready to go?!”

You’re considering missions but you’re not entirely sure what it would look like. You’re passionate about the gospel but not clear on where you’d like to serve. If that sounds like you, Pioneers may have a good fit. Venture offers opportunities to serve for up to 1-3 months.

  • Spend up to One Week serving with and learning from an international team.

  • Be mentored by long-term missionaries.

  • See and experience for yourself what long-term missions can be like.

  • Explore how God can use your skills and passions among the unreached.

Venture Ghana is a Missions Programme designed to expose Mission Directors of Churches, Missionary Groups, Christians, and anyone who is thinking about Long-term Missions to experience and engage with field missions on a very personal level.

What the Programme Looks like:

We have our one month program which entails: 

1-week training and orientation

1-week funds and partners raising

1-week Field Missions deployment in a Village

1-week Debrief and Update (The training will include blogging and social media posts).

During the 1 week friends and fundraising session, we will provide you with the skills and tools to raise 50-100 individuals who will support you with 20-50 Ghs each for this noble task.


At the end of your 1 week in the village, it is our prayer that you will provide the missionary team with discipleship support. Follow-up believers. Raise Children and impact them with the gospel. This is a 1-week very intensive time in a remote village with no electricity and access to the Internet. You will be there with an experienced Missionary. We pray this will also be a time of spiritual revival and retreat for you. Eventually, your experience will and should impact your church and family.

The Process...

  1. START: Fill out a Start Form

  2. APPLY: Submit application and references

  3. EXPLORE: Spend a week in training getting to know Pioneers

  4. PREPARE: Fulfill training requirements with one-on-one coaching

  5. GO: Grow and serve on the field for up to 1 Weekor more

  6. DEBRIEF: Develop a plan for re-entry and next steps in Missions

Pray about this VENTURE. It could be life-changing. After CLICK

the START button below...

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